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Indotco Media is a free press release service. Distribution to Google News and others and specially optimized for search engines. 5 own and about 100 free editors writing press releases for Indotco Media

Indotco Media is a free press releases & news wire distribution service site to corporations, PR agencies, market research, business journalists, freelance writers, news content providers.

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Indotco Media will not distribute any press release written for the purpose of causing harm or damage to a third party, improperly formatted releases, activism or blog content, press releases posted by distributors of network marketing organizations or press releases that look and read like commercial, link to an online store, a paid membership or contest page or fraudulent (spoof) advertisements.

Indotco Media does not share user contact information. Any emails that users receive from Indotco Media will be generated and delivered through IMEX Malta Ltd. network.

Indotco Media will not distribute press releases that promote hatred or violence, political, religious or contain sexually / adult explicit materials.

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