Latest News from Indotco Media /pr/index.php?section=news Latest News from Indotco Media de Powered by Indotco Media 2014-08-01 02:08:05<![CDATA[Fighting reported despite 72-hour ceasefire in the Gaza Strip]]> More bloodshed has been reported in the Gaza Strip after Israel and the Islamist militant group Hamas agreed to observe a 72-hour ceasefire. Previous truces in Israel's offensive have had limited success. ]]> 02:02:27<![CDATA[Ukrainian soldiers killed in ambush in eastern Ukraine]]> A number of Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in eastern Ukraine, according to the country’s military. The deadly attack occurred near Shakhtarsk, roughly 25 kilometers (15 miles) from the MH17 crash site. ]]> 01:35:06<![CDATA[Kerry: MH17 should be 'a wake-up call' for EU on sanctions]]> US Secretary of State John Kerry has called the aftermath of the crash of flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine "the moment of truth for Russia." He said he hoped the crash would make European countries more open to sanctions. ]]> 01:33:20<![CDATA['Extremism across Europe is interconnected']]> The attacks by Anders Breivik on July 22, 2011 in Oslo and on the holiday island of Utoya were Norway's greatest postwar trauma. Bjorn Ihler was one of the survivors and talked with DW about the consequences. ]]> 01:31:26<![CDATA[UN to vote on resolution demanding MH17 crash site access]]> The UN is set to decide on a resolution demanding international access to the crash site of a downed passenger jet in Ukraine. Meanwhile, fresh fighting has erupted between government and rebel forces near Donetsk. ]]> 02:59:31<![CDATA[World, and outer space, reacts to Germany's World Cup win]]> Congratulations are pouring in from around the world and the cosmos for Germany's World Cup victory over Argentina. After securing a historic fourth title, the German press are understandably elated. ]]> 02:54:22<![CDATA[Sweeper-keeper Manuel Neuer claims Golden Glove]]> Who else could FIFA have chosen as the World Cup's best goalie? Even in a tournament full of candidates, Germany's Manuel Neuer stood out - both for his reflex stops on the line and for his goal-saving forays outfield. ]]> 02:51:25<![CDATA[Götze volley gives Germany their fourth World Cup title]]> Germany have won their fourth World Cup, overcoming Argentina 1-0 after extra time in Rio de Janeiro. Mario Götze's late volley was the difference in a cagey match. ]]> 02:46:28<![CDATA[Ahead of World Cup final, Merkel and Putin talk Ukraine]]> German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin have called for increased peace efforts in Ukraine. Three months of fighting in the country's restive east have claimed more than 550 lives so far. ]]> 02:44:53<![CDATA[Kerry says US, Germany "great friends" despite spy row]]> US Secretary of State John Kerry has insisted that Washington and Berlin remain "great friends" despite a new spying scandal. Two new alleged cases of espionage have rocked German-US relations over the past two weeks. ]]> 02:41:51<![CDATA[Operation begins to refloat Costa Concordia]]> Salvage workers have begun raising the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia from the sea so it can be towed away to be scrapped. The risky maneuver could take up to seven days. ]]> 02:12:42<![CDATA[Kerry warns of danger to Afghan election legitimacy]]> US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that the legitimacy of the Afghan election is in the balance. Kerry was on a swiftly arranged visit to Kabul to try to resolve the ongoing presidential election dispute. ]]> 02:09:42<![CDATA[Europe's last dictator marks anniversary]]> In a dubious anniversary, authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko marks 20 years as Belarus president. How has Europe's last dictator managed to stay at the helm of the eastern European country for so long? ]]> 02:08:14<![CDATA[Kyiv masses forces near Donetsk]]> Ukraine's government has massed military vehicles near the rebel-held eastern cities of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Kremlin says the leaders of Russia, Germany and France have talked by phone and called for a new ceasefire. ]]> 02:06:58<![CDATA[Turkish parliament passes bill to make Kurdish peace talks legal]]> Turkey's parliament has approved a legal framework for peace talks with Kurdish militants. The move has been hailed as an important step towards ending a three-decade insurgency. ]]> 01:59:13<![CDATA[Maiziere: EU must help refugees at the source]]> German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere wants to combat the causes of refugee flight. To do so, he told DW, the EU has to work with transit countries and the countries of origin. ]]> 02:16:21<![CDATA[Double agent did not spy on German NSA inquiry, says panel chairman]]> An alleged double agent did not spy on Germany's parliamentary NSA inquiry, according to the panel's chairman. The suspect is accused of selling sensitive documents to a US intelligence agency. ]]> 02:14:41<![CDATA[Opinion: Le Pen has reason for glee in France]]> While Socialist President Hollande seems ever weaker, and his predecessor faces charges of influence-peddling, the political winner could well be France's right-wing Front National, writes DW's Christoph Hasselbach. ]]> 02:11:49<![CDATA[Ukraine president vows to continue military offensive against rebels]]> Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has vowed to continue Kyiv's military offensive against pro-Russian separatists. Government troops have advanced to Donetsk after capturing the rebel stronghold of Slovyansk. ]]> 02:10:15<![CDATA[Merkel hails Germany-China ties as major business deals are signed]]> German Chancellor Angela Merkel has praised bilateral trade ties between China and Germany at a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang. However, she also asked for broader market access for German firms. ]]> 02:09:09<![CDATA[Merkel describes latest allegations of US spying on Germany as "serious"]]> Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed concern about reports that a German intelligence officer worked as a double agent for the United States. Bilateral ties had already been strained by reports of snooping by the NSA. ]]> 02:08:12<![CDATA[Israel launches airstrikes in Gaza Strip]]> Israel has launched airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, responding to rocket fire from Hamas. Tensions continue to rise over the murders of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers. ]]> 02:07:16<![CDATA[Hamas vows revenge after Israeli air strikes, Netanyahu consoles Palestinian father]]> The Islamist militant group Hamas has vowed revenge for Israeli air strikes that killed several of its members. Meanwhile, the Israeli premier has expressed his condolences to the father of a slain Palestinian youth. ]]> 02:00:28<![CDATA[Germany eases single citizenship law slightly]]> Migrant children born and raised in Germany are to get dual nationality. Germany's parliament has approved a loophole to law that requires migrant teenagers to drop their parent's nationality if seeking German statehood. ]]> 01:59:17<![CDATA[Sarkozy denies wrongdoing, says case against him 'political']]> Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has denied the he broke the law after being charged with corruption-related offences. He said the country's legal system was being used for political purposes. ]]> 01:57:06<![CDATA[Dozens more migrants feared lost at sea off Italy]]> Another 75 boat migrants are feared lost in the Mediterranean, according to survivors who reached Sicily and have been cited by the UN refugee agency. On Sunday 45 people died trapped in the hull of a fishing boat. ]]> 01:56:01<![CDATA[Opinion: Renzi's 'anti-Merkel' recipe for Europe]]> For the next six months, Italy holds the EU presidency. It's generally seen as an honorary position, but Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is pursuing his own goals, says DW's Bernd Riegert. ]]> 01:54:32<![CDATA[Bundestag commemorates World War I in special parliamentary session]]> The Bundestag has marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. One hundred delegates from neighboring and partnering countries, most prominently from France, were in attendance. ]]> 01:52:20<![CDATA[Merkel and Obama talk Ukraine, push for peace talks]]> The leaders of Germany and the United States have agreed to continue pressuring Russia to de-escalate the situation in eastern Ukraine. The warring sides are being urged to agree to a new ceasefire. ]]> 02:28:54<![CDATA[Opinion: America won't mind if Iraq splits]]> What are the US' goals in the fight against the ISIS extremists in Iraq? Mainly their own security. It is secondary for the US if the Iraq breaks apart, says Miodrag Soric. ]]> 02:27:37<![CDATA[Pistorius not mentally ill, expert panel says as trial resumes in Pretoria]]> The murder trial of South Africa's Oscar Pistorius has resumed in Pretoria. The Paralympian and Olympian, who stands accused of killing his partner Reeva Steenkamp, has in recent weeks undergone psychiatric tests. ]]> 02:23:37<![CDATA[Merkel, Hollande join Ukraine-Russia talks in bid for peace]]> The leaders of France and Germany have held talks with Ukraine's new president and Vladimir Putin. The four-way teleconference comes ahead of the expiry of a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine. ]]> 02:22:33<![CDATA[Steinmeier honors Italian victims of Nazi massacre in Civitella]]> German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has visited the site of one of the worst Second World War massacres conducted by Nazi troops in Italy; asking for forgiveness in the town of Civitella in Tuscany. ]]> 02:21:06<![CDATA[Cameron congratulates Juncker on EU commission president nomination]]> UK Prime Minister David Cameron has congratulated incoming EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, despite having bitterly opposed his nomination. Meanwhile, a new poll shows more Britons supporting an EU exit. ]]> 02:18:53<![CDATA[Italian coastguard finds 30 dead migrants in fishing boat]]> The Italian coastguard has found the corpses of 30 migrants in a boat off the coast of Sicily. Over the weekend, authorities rescued more than 1,600 people making the perilous journey from North Africa to Europe. ]]> 01:08:19<![CDATA[Obama requests $500 million from US Congress to support Syrian rebels]]> US President Barack Obama has asked Congress for $500 million to train and arm vetted members of the Syrian opposition. The funding is part of a greater $65.8 billion overseas operations budget request. ]]> 01:06:26<![CDATA[Berlin Airport: The five biggest mistakes]]> The series of fiascos involved in building the new BER airport in Berlin shows no sign of ending. DW lists the five biggest goofs since construction began. ]]> 01:04:28<![CDATA[Frustrated Libyans vote amid violence]]> Moammar Gadhafi brutalized the Libyan people for more than forty years. Now they are about to elect a new parliament for the second time since his fall. Enthusiasm is limited. ]]> 01:03:25<![CDATA[EU leaders set to approve Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission president]]> European Union leaders appear set to approve Jean-Claude Juncker as the European Commission's next president. The leaders of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are also to sign deals deepening their ties with the bloc. ]]> 01:01:52<![CDATA[Opinion: A fig leaf for Berlin]]> It is hardly ever wrong to talk to each other. So in that sense the US-German cyber dialogue is welcome and won’t do any harm. But a closer look at the event’s history shows that it won’t produce tangible results. ]]>