Forming a limited company in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland in just a few hours with your own choice of company name. Registering a limited company is simple.Setting up a business for the first time can be confusing and there are too many issues to consider.

English limited companies (a limited company = a company with limited liability or a PLC = public limited company) are taxed at 21%, the rate for medium-sized enterprises (on profits of up to 300,000 pounds sterling), thereafter progressively increasing to 30%. VAT is 20%.
You need to decide whether to use professionals who can help you to incorporate your business, and to choose the best ownership structure for your business.

You can run your Limited Company from anywhere in the world. Many people use their Limited Company to sell goods and services online, to offer consulting, to provide training and many other business activities, operating from a country different from their own.
We provide a fast online service for UK company registration, including private, public and guarantee companies formation, establish of LLP and other business entities incorporation in England, Wales, and Scotland.

Simple UK Limited Company Registration for 299 €

• Memorandum of Association
• Articles of Association
• Company registers and all other legally required company formation documents
• Document retention instructions, etc.

Full-Package UK Limited Company for 899 €

• Registered company with Companies House
• Registered office
• Company secretary
• Mail forwarding
• GB VAT Registration
• Full documentation

We also provide the following services for UK:

1. Bookkeeping
2. Secretarial
3. Registered Office
4. VAT Registration
5. UK Bank account

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