Malta Company Registration - Formation of a Malta Limited Company

We advise clients worldwide on company formation and tax minimization. Our tax law firm in Malta will advice you in all matters relating the establishment of a Malta limited and takes over all tasks required to continuing your business in Malta.

Doing Business and Investing in Malta

Malta Companies involved in Trading and / or Holding activities, are incorporated under the Companies Act 1995, Chapter 386, Laws of Malta. Maltese company law imposes no restrictions on the nationality and residence of the shareholders, directors and the company secretary of a Malta company. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the types of activities that companies in Malta may carry out, although the activities of certain Malta businesses may be regulated by local regulatory authorities such as the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).

Incorporating a Private Limited Company in Malta requires €1,250 in Share Capital of which only 20% must be paid up. Incorporation is done with the Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA) and may take as little as 24 hours as long as all the required documentation is available for review by the MFSA. Information Public Limited Company in Malta plc.

A Company in Malta must have at least one director, who in certain cases may also act as company secretary. In the Malta Company you can occupy both the office of director and be a shareholder of the company. The director can also be a body corporate; however the company secretary must be an individual.

Forms of Companies
Malta companies may take a wide variety of forms and can be either a Malta Trading Company or Malta Holding Company including:
 - private limited liability companies

 - public limited liability companies

 - shipping organisations established for the purpose of holding vessels

 - investment companies with variable share capital having objects limited to acting as investment companies

 - protected cell companies with objects limited to carrying on the business of insurance

 - incorporated cell companies with objects limited to carrying on the business of insurance and

 - recognised incorporated cell companies with objects limited to carrying on permitted investment services activities.

Necessary Documentation required for the Formation of a Malta Limited Company:

-Certified Copy of Passport(s) for each Beneficial Owner / shareholder and director:

-In the case of corporate shareholders and directors, a copy of the constitutive documents (Memoranda and Articles of Association, deed of partnership etc) together with a certificate of good standing / extracts from the registry or any other document attesting the company and/or partnership registration number shall be required.

-Any corporate entity which has separate legal personality from its members, such as foundations, may be a shareholder or partake the office of director in a Maltese Company.

-Bank reference for each beneficiary, shareholder and director.

-Signed Company Formation Instruction Form

How do I register a company in Malta ? (pdf !)

FAQ Malta Company Tax:

The standard corporate tax rate in is of 35% on the chargeable income for a fiscal year. Whenever shareholders receive dividends from the Malta Company they will be entitled to claim a refund of the Malta tax paid by the company on those profits out of which the distributions have been made. Corporation tax in Malta is at a rate of 35% on the company’s profits. Malta is the only EU member state that applies the full imputation system; shareholders of a Malta Company are entitled to claim a refund of the tax paid by the company whenever a dividend is being distributed. Shareholders who receive dividends from companies incorporated in Malta may claim a number of refunds on the tax payable depending on the nature of the income received by the company.

The refunds available are:

1. 6/7 refund to the non resident shareholder of a Malta company (Trading).
2. Full tax refund of a Malta company holding a participating interest in another non resident Company.
3. No withholding taxes, stamp duties or exchange control restrictions apply on distribution of profits from the Maltese Company to non resident shareholders.
4. Low Company Formation costs.

Malta Trading Company and Malta Holding Company Formation:

Our qualified accountant Member of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners in Malta will help you in all aspects of your Malta Privat Limited Company, Malta Holding Company or Public Limited Company formation process, as our services do not stop at registering the company in Malta on your behalf. Our coporate lawyers and accountants will provide you all information regarding corporate tax and incorporate in Malta under maltese companies act.

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