Offer your clients with the acceptance of credit and debit cards an ever expanding group of customers at a convenient and easy payment option.

Accept payments by credit cards in your webshop (e-commerce). Benefit from a wide range of revenue advantages. - We handle all formalities for you.

Credit card acceptance

The settlement of transactions carried out outside EU. As a result in some EU countries sales tax will be charged on your amount paid out.

Acceptance agreements with favorable discounts for the major credit card brands VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

Your Advantage

Sales: Credit Card payers tend to impulse purchases and give beyond more money than paying cash.

Security: Less cash means for you at the same time a lower theft, counterfeit money and embezzlement risk.

Cost transparency: The cost for the acceptance of cards at any time manageable and small compared to the handling of cash.

Customer Service: Offer your customers the greatest flexibility in terms of payment option and are also attractive for customers who do not want to laboriously count coins.

The Internet business never sleep. We offer continuous availability of payment options of the utmost importance in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and sales results. For this reason we use only approved data centers and servers for high transaction volumes to ensure excellent availability.

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